Do you need travel money for a Holiday in the Philippines?

Forex World cash card send money to the Philippines

Are you Travelling to the Philippines anytime soon?

Why not get a Forex BDO Cash Card and get all the benefits of having a “local Philippine debit card” while on a holiday in the Philippines. Have the flexibility to reload funds into your Cash Card when you are happy with the exchange rate, so when you travel, your funds are securely tucked away into your Cash Card.

Forget about carrying a bulky wallet with wads of notes, going to the local money changer with a low exchange rate or fees from your Australian bank when you use your Australian Debit card abroad. All you have to worry about is how to spend it!

Forex Cash Card looks and works exactly like your regular ATM card, but the great thing about this particular card is that there is NO account keeping fees, or minimum balance requirements associated with it whatsoever and Withdrawals from any Banco De Oro ATM machines are absolutely free of any fees which is fantastic!

Contact our Customer service representatives today to get yourself or your loved ones in the Philippines their very own Cash Card!

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Forex Cash Card ang walastik na plastik !