Max’s Restaurant

Posted on: 2018-01-17 00:00:00

Max’s Restaurant

Max’s Restaurant is the House that Fried Chicken Built. Treat your family in the Philippines with Max’s house specialty, the world famous Sarap-to-the-Bones Max’s Fried Chicken, Crispy Pata, Lumpiang Shanghai, Pork Adobo, or a Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet even if you are miles away in Australia.

Choose from the Max’s Remittance Delivery Package selection below, and we’ll deliver it right for only $10 Service fee for any meal package. Call Forex to order a Max’s package to your love ones today!

Max’s Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

What is Max’s Remittance Delivery?

Max’s Remittance Delivery enables remitters overseas to purchase Max’s meal packages. Remitters can have these meal packages delivered to their beneficiaries in the Philippines. This product can also be availed in Max’s stores nationwide (dine-in or take-out)

What benefits does this product offer for overseas Filipinos?


  • Makes remittance sending more personal since they are the ones choosing & ordering the meal package they want for their beneficiaries.
  • Assures that the money intended for special occasions (e.g. birthdays, graduation, holidays etc.) are spent accordingly since the ordering & payment of meal packages are coursed through BDO Remittance Network.
  • Makes their beneficiaries such as loved ones, relatives and even friends feel special and remembered.

In which countries is this service available and how much is the remittance fee for this product?

Please see Annex A for the list of subsidiary offices and remittance partners offering this product. The remittance fees vary per subsidiary offices & remittance tie-ups.

What are the available Max’s Remittance Delivery Packages and how much does it cost?

Please see Annex B for the meal package pricing. Note that the menu & its pricing is subject to change, depending on Max’s.

Where in the Philippines can the meal packages be Delivered and Dined-In?

The meal packages are available for Delivery in Metro Manila and selected provincial areas only. On the other hand, Dine-In and take-out transactions are available at any Max’s Stores nationwide. Please refer to Annex C for the complete list of Max’s Stores.

What information does Max’s need in processing Delivery & Dine-In transactions from abroad?

Max’s shall need all the following information to process the Max’s meal package orders:

  • Remitter Name
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Beneficiary Address
  • Beneficiary Landline / Mobile Number
  • Meal Package Order
  • Date and Time of Delivery or Dine-In

What lead-times must remitters follow in placing orders of meal packages for their beneficiaries?

Remitters must follow the minimum lead-time of three (3) days in placing a Delivery or Dine-in order. Orders received beyond 4:00 pm shall be processed the following calendar day. Day 1 shall start on the date the order was processed by Max’s.

Date OrderedMax’s Processing DateOrder Availability
Wednesday, 9:00 amWednesdayFriday
Thursday, 7:00 pmFridaySunday
Friday, 8:00 pmSaturdayMonday
Saturday, 8:00 amSaturdayMonday
Sunday, 7:30 pmMondayWednesday

Will Max’s Call Center contact the beneficiary prior to the meal package Delivery or Dine-In schedule?

Yes, Max’s Call Center shall contact the beneficiary (3 attempts = 9 calls) prior to the Delivery or Dine-In or Take-out schedule to verify the transaction details.

If Max’s Call Center cannot contact the beneficiary within the 3 attempts, what will happen to the transaction?

Max’s Call Center shall tag the transaction as ‘For Verification’ with remarks stating the inability to contact the beneficiary. BDO RemServe then has to coordinate with the respective tie-up disposition for said transaction.

For dine-in and take-out transactions, how will the beneficiary know which Max’s Store to visit?

Max’s Call Center shall provide the Beneficiaries exact location / landmarks of their preferred Max’s Store.

Are there any requirements that the Beneficiary need to present when availing the dine-in / take-out transaction?

During the verification process, Max’s Call Center representatives shall advise the Beneficiary to present any one (1) valid ID when availing the Dine-In transaction.

If an authorized representative will be claiming the Max’s meal on his behalf, Max’s Call Center informs the beneficiary that his authorized representative must present an authorization letter, any one (1) valid ID each of the beneficiary and the authorized representative.

Will the Beneficiary need to present a valid ID to accept a meal package Delivery?

The Beneficiary may or may not present a valid ID when accepting a meal package delivery since the address was already confirmed by Max’s Call Center prior to delivery.

If the Beneficiary fails to accept the Delivery or avail the Dine-In / Take-out transaction as confirmed & agreed during the Max’s Call Center verification process, what will happen to the meal package order?

If verification process is successful and yet the Beneficiary fails to accept the Delivery or avail the Dine-In transaction, Max’s shall consider the meal package paid and sold.

In case of meal package & price changes, how will subsidiary offices and remittance partners know about this?

BDO Remittance Unit shall issue an email advisory based on the following:

  • For Price changes – within forty-eight (48) hours prior to effectivity*. For transactions processed before the effectivity date, the old or existing pricing shall still be used.
  • Meal package/product changes – one (1) week prior to effectivity. For transactions processed before the effectivity date, the old or existing meal package shall still be used./li>
    *If the new pricing has been cascaded abroad but the old pricing was still used, the discrepancy in the transaction amount shall be shouldered by the erring personnel.

Can other couriers view, process & update Max’s Meal transactions?

No, only Max’s Call Center can view, process & update Max’s Meal transactions via BRS Courier System.

Can Max’s accommodate special requests of Beneficiary to change meal packages?

Accommodation of special requests such as change in meal package shall be for the discretion of Max’s based on existing guidelines.

How will the subsidiaries & remittance partners know the status of Max’s Meal transactions?

For online subsidiaries & remittance tie-ups, they can check in BRS the status of their transactions. For offline tie-ups, BDO Remittance Service provides tie-ups with end-of-day reports via email on the status of the transactions. They can also check the status via web through RTS (Remittance Tracking System).

Other Important Tips / Reminders:

  • To manage customer expectations, let the remitter know that Delivery is available in Metro Manila and selected provincial areas only, while Dine-In / Take-out is available at all Max’s Stores nationwide.
  • Max’s Call Center shall contact all beneficiaries of Max’s meal packages to confirm transaction details. During this time, the beneficiary can do the following, viz:
  • If remitter instruction is Delivery, Dine-In or Take-out, Beneficiary can choose between the two.
  • For Delivery transactions, Beneficiary can change the time only.
  • For Dine-In / Take-out transactions, Beneficiary can change the date and time within 7 days from the date specified by the remitter.
  • Beneficiaries of Dine-In / Take-out transactions are expected to avail this in their preferred Max’s Store, as confirmed during the Max’s Call Center verification process.
  • Items tagged in BRS as “For Verification” shall only have two (2) outcomes:
  • Tie-up cancels the transactions; OR
  • Tie-up amends the transaction to include correct details or contact numbers. If amended, the minimum order lead-time must still be followed.
  • For inquiries & concerns, please contact the following BRU Domestic Operations personnel:
  • Product-related Emily Traviña (702-6350 ext. 50089 /
  • Rowena Cutangco (702-6350 ext. 50111 /
  • Courier-related Gilbert Espino
  • Remittance Service (702-6350 local 50030 /